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Are you also part of a company that is constantly changing?

Do you sometimes wish you had support tailored to your current challenges?

Are you also constantly faced with new challenges?


The professional travel guide on your way through the agile worlds,

the brief coaching approach to support your agile everyday life.

Then you're in the right place! Right at:


Your benefit of My-Next-Challenge.Coach ?

Why are we the right travel guide ?

How does it work ?

What does it cost ?

Who are the travel guides ?

Your benefit of

Grow with the tasks, just get better and more confident in your current role.

Just have more fun with what you are doing....


I would like us in the team to really complete our work in Sprint or PI.

How do I go about this?

Our management wants us to maintain team metrics (KPI). The team thinks that management just wants to control us. And I'm standing in between, getting pressure from all sides.

I am SM and my team consists of 13 developers. It seems to me that this is a bit big. What can I do and how do I convince management that something needs to be changed?

There's been a real blow-up between two team members. What is the best way to deal with the conflict?

for Scrum Master

I somehow have the impression that my Retro's are useless.

As a SM, I have noticed that a developer is an outsider in the team. How can I integrate him better?

...and what is your next challenge?

2 days course! What else does it take to be a good PO?

I am PO of a team that has many internal stakeholders. The team says that I always put too much in the next increment....

Nobody is interested in our review. It's a waste of time! I would like to give it more meaning.

The team told me that the stories are not good enough! Is that really true?

I don't think our refinement is going optimally....


for Product Owner

...and what is your next challenge?

I have to prepare a big workshop. The participants are stakeholders and other managers. I lack the experience, but the event must be a success

I have taken on the task of facilitating the SM CoP. This stresses me


for Agile Leader

I have staff responsibilities, but I'm so far away!

In addition to new features, we also have other support requests that come in on a daily basis. This always mixes up our sprints again and again

...and what is your next challenge?

Why are we the right travel guide ?

  • We accompany you on your next challenge, individually and completely tailored to your needs.

  • We support you professionally, based on the method "Brief Coaching" according to Steve de Shazer & Insoo Kim Berg.

  • Depending on the challenge it takes between 1-2 sessions. So we try to keep it short.

  • Trial and error usually brings better results. A practical approach is very important to us.

  • Insights from other companies' experiences

  • We support you online in the context of a structured conversation.

  • Experience from both worlds: as a leader in more traditionally managed organizations and as an Agile Coach in Agile managed organizations.

  • Uncomplicated via video call and online whiteboards. An advantage for you that is reflected in the price.

  • You will get a first feedback within 24 hours

Warum wir

How it works...

Book online a first conversation, a get to know

Before the interview you will fill out a questionnaire

Initial interview:
Now we get to know each other

So far it has not cost you anything yet

A challenge usually takes 1-2 iterations.

Depending on the challenge you get a little homework

The Coaching

You're experimenting...

Feedback on your results and next steps

15 Min.

15 Min.


60 Min.

15 Min.

Wie funktioniert es

What does it cost?

My Next Challenge - Price - 1.jpg
Initial interview
(15 Min.)
My Next Challenge - Price - 2.jpg
(60 Min.)

The travel guides

As a consultant and coach, I have more than 20 years of experience in the optimization and transformation of national and international companies in various industries. For more than 10 years I have been looking for my challenges primarily in the agile world. My focus is on companies that are continuously improving their products and services. My passion is to enable others to initiate future changes on their own and to see them, above all, as an opportunity.

For our trip I bring some things with me....


  • 6 years of experience as a company-wide Agile Coach

  • 7 years of experience as Scrum Master in 9 different product teams

  • more than 6 years of experience in innovative product development using agile methodologies, including 2 years as a product owner

  • 2 years experience as an Agile Coach in a non-IT organization

  • experience from three startups in a complex and dynamic environment

  • since 2010 I am Leadership Coach & Lecturer at Zurich Elite Business School

  • more than 800 hours of coaching experience (level ACC, International Coach Federation, 2013)

  • I am a fan of pragmatic solutions

Markus Wilhelm

  • LinkedIn

Booking request

  1. Please fill out the form

  2. Afterwards you will receive a link by eMail for the purpose of choosing a proper timeslot.

  3. As agreed, we conduct the coaching conversation

  4. For a paid booking, you will receive an invoice for payment via our payment service provider Stripe after the conversation

Vielen Dank!

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